that was the day.

September 8, 2010
By E.gayle3 BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
E.gayle3 BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
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That was the day,
I met some one new,
I met the guy that I new would change everything I ever new!
That was the day,
He made me cry,
He liked that other girl! Oh well it was a good try,
That was the day,
I found my self liking him yet again,
But said no way never again,
That was the day, he sent me a letter,
Telling me " I told my father",
It never crossed my mind that those 4 little words would change my life!
That was the day,
We picnicked in the park, danced in the rain and kissed goodbye saying wow that was a beautiful day!
That was the day,
When we spent hours at your church,
And you told me you would wait forever, and I thought to myself what is forever?
That was the day,
I heard your voice in love with me the last time, but little did I know the next time we would meet would be....
The last day for "us" to be "you and me"
that was the day,
I felt true pain,
I lost everything I ever dreamed of
In one day,
My stomach turn in knots as I heard him say "I've felt lost",
My eyes watered as I heard him say
" none of this was your fault",
That was the day,
I new I had lost,
All I had prayed for!
And then I truly felt lost!
Today is the day,
Were no longer together,
But that's alright!
Gods got a plan, and it's always
For the better!

The author's comments:
i met the one of my dreams...but turns out there are bigger and better plans for me.

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