A different, NEW me...

September 8, 2010
By Vilaeya SILVER, Kennewick, Washington
Vilaeya SILVER, Kennewick, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"What they say to you aren't true."

"A different,NEW me."
I'm digging through the old yearbooks,
and what i see,is what i get,
the person that i used to be,
is not what i call,the best.
In order for thos tears i had,
to leave my broken ways,
i had to change my appearance,
whats there more to say?
I was one of them...
technically speaking,
the one who "wanted to be",
had to take alotta faking.
It's almost like,
the lies i were told,
were in my case right,
which made my heart bitter and cold.
I believed what they said,
were they right?
or were they wrong?
They're wrong i tell you,
because once i stopped believing them,
i found that it made me strong.
So now that i burned,
my plastic,paper soul out,
i found who i really am...
the one THEY talk about...
who has changed her ways,
and made herself new,
isn't that GREAT?!
...but what about you?
Can't you follow the line?
be YOU not THEM!
Because if you're just you,
you're better and deeper,
then you've ever been.
They'll come crawling back to you,
they've seen something new,
they want to be you,
because they see that YOU'RE YOU!
They're crying and begging,
to get their life back,
is all do yotta do,
is say "I'm through with alla that!"
Welcome to your new hearts gateway,
right now,it's different,
but you'll get used to it...
Now you're the leader...
who...will you lead?...
9-3-10 :D

The author's comments:
This tells people to BE YOURSELF!!!! not the people around you.

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