Pearl Harbor

November 7, 2007
Tall, lonely billows of midnight,
My eyes tear at the dreadful sight.
What horror has fallen from their flight?
Upon this Harbor of colossial might.

Both the Setting Suns and Rising Stars,
Leave blood among the wreck that carves.
Those who died will be remembered,
As the daring, brave U.S. martyred.

Oil taints the burning flesh,
Soil and race breaks the bonds that mesh.
The scent of betrayal leads to deceit,
Will this lead to the Stars' great defeat?

With a leader filled with a readiness to fight,
The Rising Stars have a chance to make right.
Bright sunshine heats the faces of those who are dead,
Reasuring their bodies of a comforting bed.

Engines roaring and amo ready,
A wounded country, now marches steady.
Across the salty saphire way,
To deliver the Suns' a bright new day.

Flack and fire greet the new dawn,
"Target and mark, I'm locked on!"
Metal being thrown up in town,
Please, keep this heavy metal down.

The Suns scury like ants across their streets,
Wondering why this wasn't finished by their fleats.
"Look out Hiroshima, her she goes!"
Atomic number one, there she blows!

Peace for us is well on its way,
Too bad it took many a terrible day.
War should never be very nice,
Unless it's the last day I have to see this place.

"December 7, 1941. A day that will live in infammy...."

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