September 8, 2010

I felt like smiling
Smiling while I was dying

Laughing while I crying

Living, ‘cause I am trying

To fill that pit within my chest

The one that’s gotten the best

Of a person that’s the worse

Because I shot down my own planes

Narrowed my own lanes

Tugged on my own reigns

To halt dreams never dreamt

Because I never slept

Because thoughts swam laps

Throughout my clouded head

That needed to come out of the

To face a fear

Of failure

But failure builds you up to succeed

‘Cause I heard you must tumble

Before you reach

Great heights like a bird

Great heights like a kite wrapped around a tower

Not leaning towards Pisa but a brighter future

Lit for a girl with a dim out look

To give her a taste of what she can cook

If she looks inside the book
With a spine that says ‘goals’

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