November 7, 2007
By Alicia Randall, Little River, SC

For I am Alicia
Yes indeed, for im a wise and lovin person.
I never think that I am better then my peers.
I preach ,don't judge.
I have few enemys.
Very kind and gentle as a friendly deer.
I know much, never cocky or to confident.
Very quite at times, yes very privet.
For I am very intergetic and very outgoing.
For i strive to do my best and when the best is not at its best I make it so.
Yes, For I am Alicia Martean Randall
At times simple but, mindly complexed.
I love, love not for money.
For my school mates would say that im far to nice.
But I'll agree.
Yes, for I and Alicia

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