The Secret Power

November 7, 2007
The citizens wait to see him,
The man who they chose to lead them,
The man who all people want to love,
The leader who keeps his country above,

The Citizens wait, gazing upon the saintly scaffold,
Which the leader mounts like a king in his castle,
Their ears bend to hear the leader’s every word.
The leader gathers them like a shepherd rounding his herd.

The citizens absorb the hypocritical sound,
Which to others may seem profound.
But these sheep do not question the shepherd’s speech,
Because they are but all so weak,

They follow the master through day and night,
Only to be lead to the butcher’s knife.
But they could have avoided this meaningless fate,
They could have seen how they would have been betrayed.

But the sheep remain ignorant of their secret power,
The power to which any leader cowers,
The power of knowing that you are not weak,
And that you can bring the fascist leader to his knees.

But until we recognize our secret power,
The fascist sound will ring even louder,
Calling in the night,
To lead you to the butcher’s knife.

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