September 8, 2010
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Must my efforts be in vain? I am soon to pass. So step through the looking glass and feel my pain. Watch how I chased Night with a contagious might. In this search for love, I found defeat and no delight. "Stop, it is outrageous!" said world. "You cannot have her! You must let your love rot and wither. Day, you love a lie. Night hates the brilliance of your light." Perhaps I can rid her of her hatred, I thought. I can use the axiom i've been taught: 'there are two constants in life, light and love'. Make her like one, the turtle dove. And so now at my demise, with an unbreakable enterprise, I paint the skies. With mastery and grace, I summon ovation from a heavenly place. "This is she, Twilight." I call the beauty of Night.

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