She looked up to the vast and empty sky

November 7, 2007
By Sarah Molloy, Mattapoisett, MA

She looked up to the vast and empty sky.
All she felt inside was guarded by her eyes.
She saw the clouds take over and recognized her own reflection.
She found she wanted to exist, to renew her worldly connection.
She walked among the living, yet separate from their lives.
She wasnt one of them. She had too many secrets, too many lies.
She wouldn't mind being like a painting, silently adored.
Instead she was a shadow, loudly ignored.
She just wanted to smile at the thought of another day.
Instead, inside she was wasting from the things she'll never say.
She thought the right things, yet in the wrong time.
She was sitting in the dirt, yet her demeanor so sublime.
Her feet heavily hit the pavement of a long and lonely road.
She knew the road would soon be ending if her story wasnt told.
She had a revelation, that she could never be,
If no one cared about her and shared in her memory.
I looked up to the vast and laden sky.
All I felt inside was revealed in my eyes.

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