Bonfires && Wishes

September 3, 2010
By KitKat13 PLATINUM, Caledon, Other
KitKat13 PLATINUM, Caledon, Other
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"Life's too short to be unhappy, You have to take the good with the bad; smile when you're sad. Love what you got and always remember what you had. Always forgive; never forget, learn from your mistakes, but never regret." -Author Unknown

I'm sitting by the bonfire,
The smell of marshmellows in the air,
My friends and I are laughing,
We're playing truth or dare,
We're laughing and talking,
The cool wind blows,
A chill runs through me,
And I hug my legs close,
“Are you cold?” You ask,
A sparkle in your eye,
I nod and say “Yes”,
But I know it's a lie.
You look at me and smile,
I feel my cheeks flush,
Because I'm now wearing the hoodie,
That belongs to my crush.
I snuggle in the hoodie,
And smile really wide,
The happiness I'm feeling,
Is impossible to hide.
I look up at the stars,
That are shining bright,
I see a shooting star,
And wish with all my might,
I look at you and smile,
You smile at me too,
You'll never know that night,
That I wished for you.

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