September 7, 2010
By ScarlettsLastBreathVox BRONZE, Spring Lake, Michigan
ScarlettsLastBreathVox BRONZE, Spring Lake, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
The word "happiness" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness
~Carl Jung

My heart has been carved out of my chest cavity
My lungs our worn out from losing my sanity
My eyes our so red and sore it hurts to blink, head feels heavy and back is in pain

I may not be stable like you other souls
But I am trying
Losing a love is hard
It feels like something has died inside of you
The moment you feel like you’re going to lose everything, it’s like your fight or flight
Seeing the ones that love you cry and beg
You want to stay but want the ache to go away

I will move on to a new chapter
But this has been a hard ending
I’m the author and I will keep writing
Not in permanent ink but with a pencil
So things won’t stay written if I don’t want them to

Lay down my head on this rough pillow
Scratching and digging into my flesh
Hold my head tight between my knees
Closing my eyes so tight to make it all disappear
Wishing that I was not here

So send me to room 583
No, man in the white suit you cannot help me
Give me a drug that only slows down soreness of my mind
It does not reverse my state of mind

In a panic, spitting out words I barely mean
But at the moment it all seems foggy to me
I would like to get out of this haze
And walk out of this flood

But I have been stained for so long
A visible wound is far easier to heal
Than a emotional wound
All I did was use a band aid instead of letting it bleed out
The band aid came off and bled the truth
Sanity no longer arrives

You do not know my story, you may only slightly understand
Meet me in room 583, stand by my bed
Consult me as much as you want, I am the only one that can cure myself
Go ahead and read your books, the true remedy is to let it happen on its own
We do not control other human beings thoughts, we can only manipulate them

Bring your needle to me and put me to rest
But I will heal on my own when I can
Illegal love and abuse is the plot to this story
Behind the brown eyes

Behind the brown eyes you can never see
Life goes on if It is mean to

Wait on the step, smoke passes in the air
Fate is fate
You can’t be prepared
Saying goodbye is saying hello to the new
These hands, heart, and mind are open
I will wait

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