September 7, 2010
By ScarlettsLastBreathVox BRONZE, Spring Lake, Michigan
ScarlettsLastBreathVox BRONZE, Spring Lake, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
The word "happiness" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness
~Carl Jung

Take the romance right out of the beautiful lie
In our eyes we see through cemented love
What is kept hidden will be free soon
Later on be on one knee
Only the fine words uttered can be true but at the same time false
More faith is needed in order to get across
A kiss is passion coming out of our bodies
Physical pleasure is more intense passion, that was not to long ago locked up
Emotional pleasure is the fingers of fate conniving you, feeling their rusted flesh on your scalp
Withered dreams of ecstasy
Let go of what you meant to be
As if you said you believed, you actually said disbelieve
For afraid of getting wounded
Ongoing torment
But that one ring, placed gently on the fourth finger
Means never letting go, it is a promise
Engage in animalistic labor
That bonds the two human beings
And one day that turns into a precious gift of life
That was planted by two
You can not hide this paramour
Then it would no be true
Apple of eye
Let the flame never die

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