Now that he's gone.

November 2, 2007
Now that he's gone
things have been going wrong,
I miss him everyday,
I think of where he would be right now but,all I know is that he's not here with me anymore,
Even the time that we both cryed,We looked into eachothers eyes,
And said I'll never leave you,
Now that he's gone,I wish that he was here with me,
He's still with me where ever I gone,
and thats in my heart,
mylifeis going so slow,I'm in pain and suffering,
I star out my window just to see if his there,
but then I think back and say to myself,
he's not ever coming back,
And I'll stay by my window until he is finally by myside,
My love for him he'll never know,
and hopefully he feels the same way,
We both knew that we had our doughts and beliefs,
we'll be toghter someday or another,
they can't keep us away and I'll find a way for us to be toghter.

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