A Second or Two

November 2, 2007
By Matt Abraham, Overland Park, KS

Chh. CA IV? Give me a break.
It’s a high school class, with a high school grade,
And I’m a high school senior for goodness sake.
I don’t care. I mean I’m Matty A.

I care about things like KU and SAE,
Visiting Riley up at ATO.
Females. Friends. Fun. Now that’s really me.
Is it really though?

(Okay, I’ll be real for a second or two,
But first I’m gonna need something from you:
So long as you promise not to tell a soul,
The answer to the question is really no.

Although I don’t show it, of course I care.
I mean, right now, my future’s up in the air.
I don’t know what that future holds and I’m a little bit scared.

I know that I’m lazy, and it seems I don’t try,
But everything I turn in just seems like a lie.
I am never pleased with any of my work, anything that I write,
I often don’t turn it in because points just wouldn’t be right.

But you’re pushing me to pass, doing everything you can do,
I see that you care, and know that care is true.
That’s why I used this assignment to give thanks to you.)

Like I said, I don’t care about this silly class;
It’s just another part of school that means nothing to me.
My head’s in college (but first, here I need to pass),
I’m pumped for next year, and where I’m gonna be.

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