November 2, 2007
Her life was ticking away like a slow timed clock
And I was too young to understand,
Strapped up to her oxygen tank at all times.
All she wanted was for me to be around.

I was blinded by the situation
All I wanted to do was play,
She didn’t make me breakfast in bed
Or take me to school in the morning like Laverne did,
It could have been jealousy,
Or maybe she didn’t think I loved her.

She gave me presents on holidays
She spoiled me in her own way,
She didn’t have much to give, so she spoiled me
With hidden love, but I didn’t understand with emphysema,
There wasn’t much in her power she could do.
I tried not to show it, but I have never felt so guilty, and cheerless
At my grandmother’s funeral.

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