September 4, 2010

Blue eyes, only things that keep me alive

staring at the reflection for my own protection

whats left in which i can survive?

injections of thoughts, apparatuses of lies from afflictions that i bought

demons inside, the kind that thrive on the hosts hopes that died

i sought truth but was blinded by the darkness humanity created

feelings like loved ones names put to shame and im the one to blame

please, for me, harness holiness so i dont miss a chance to save this world

collapsed cranes surround me, trying to console the angles that cannot fly

feelings like being twirled around in a drunken masquerade

cry for every soul that wasnt saved, every premature grave

sparratic thoughts leading to charrades of the mind

gave everything i had to heal but still cant feel

kindness is wasted on sold souls, ones who control for greed

kneel at the alter of the god of self synpathy

to feed the ego we ignore the hungry and hurting

trying to find beauty in the face that stared back through the mirror, still lurking

The author's comments:
this ones random, and has possible religious tones in it but please dont interpet it like that, also if you dont rate/comment i will be under your bed

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