You’re messing with her

November 2, 2007
You’re messing with her
Leave her alone
Stop breaking her heart
And just go home.

Ill take care of her
I can handle it
Just be quiet
And stop throwing sissy fits.

Your Mr. perfect.
Nothings wrong with you
But you keep complaining
You want to be in someone else’s shoes

Stop making drama
Go ahead and ask her out
I mean you like her so much
Then do it, don’t pout.

We don’t care anymore
Well I know I don’t
She probably does
But she is trying to let go.

We don’t care if were mad at you.
Even if you care, were fine.
It was your choice.
Don’t lie to us next time.

You use to be the best
The nicest boy we new
The one who ruled the school
But you had no clue

The one who would talk to us
Even though we were a little UN cool
You proved us wrong in the beginning
But you turned out to be a fool

We don’t know you anymore
We miss the old you
The one that would care
The one that everyone new

I know deep down there is that goofy guy
The one who only had to say a couple word to us
The one who made everything a joke
He is the one that we miss the most

No more tears
No more pain
Just leave everyone alone
And get on that train

Its your choice not ours
So go ahead
Were not stopping you.
You choose

Boy but one last thing
Whatever choice you choose
Don’t worry
We wont be standing by you.

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