You’re the one

November 1, 2007
By jackie anstine, Discovery Bay, CA

The first time I looked in your eyes
I was hypnotized
I was sure we were meant to be
If only you felt like me
If you gave us a chance
Without giving it a second glance
We could be happy together
Forever and ever
‘Cause every breath alone I take
Makes my heart cold and ache
It has been ripped in half
From every time my ex and me laughed
It’s been bruised black and blue
From all the abuse that it’s been through
But ever since you looked at me
My heart has been healed and you set free
When I look at you and try to speak
My words get caught up and I feel meek
My throat gets dry
I become so very shy
And yet I feel as if I can fly
Then I realize…
You’re the one I want to spend my very last minute with before I die

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