Why, Oh Why

September 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Over and over, you proceed to hurt me.
Not only with your words, why can't you see?
You speak to me as if i'm beneath you.
Well I sure hope you know that's not true.
Which brings us to the lies,
You think I don't have eyes?
I see much more than you think.
My heart just sank..
The anger I feel, is caused only by you.
We have completely different lives to persue.
But when our worlds collide,
We climb aboard a crazy ride.
It doesn't seem to have an end.
I don't know how far backwards I can bend.
I've reached my breaking point now.
So please explain to me how,
We've let it last this long.
It's terrible, It's wrong.
But all I can think about is the pain that you've caused.
Why don't you take a step back and pause.
Look at the life you once had and the one that you're headed for.
Don't you wish for something so much more?

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