From My Point of View

November 1, 2007
By Samantha Kennedy, Shingle Springs, CA

In a flash of light and just a click
Time freezes and begins to stick
Memories now shall never fade
But stay etched forever in mid-charade
Motion stops and sound is gone
But the laughter in those eyes lives on
Flowers that had bloomed in Spring
The feathers on a chick’s new wings
The ocean blue and all her folk
The snowball fight beneath the oak
These lasting memories; one and all
Are clinging to a glossy wall

Behind a sheet of silvery glass
Are all the pictures of the past
Though still shots have begun to die
The camera cannot tell a lie
And while I’m top of the heap no more
(iPods and XBoxes conquered that war)
My purpose is still simplistically done
Effortless though unusually fun
So take me near and suspend me nigh
And place the screen up to your eye
So I, the camera, can bring to you
Everything from my point of view

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