soul music

November 1, 2007
By Virginia Virzi, Columbia, SC

rhythmic relation of ideas
poetry to a beat
retrospect, foresight
style trend
rock, acid punk, funk,
bohemian hip-hop, bubble gum pop, doo wop,
disco, electro, flamenco,

r&b, indie, country,
and every kind of rap and soul,
quartets, duets, solos, instrumental
voices and tone mixing and intertwining
beat boxing and back beats
Classroom music, beating on the desks
and impromptu harmonies
Street music, using what you can find
and making it rememberable
Studio music, mixers
and microphones
Shower music, linoleum acoustics
and constant rhythm
sing of unrequited love
play of hope and how things should be
tell of streets and dreams
exclaim new chance

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