Middle School

November 1, 2007
By keegan sautter, Discovery Bay, CA

Why does middle school have to be so complicated?
Is it because popularity is overrated?
I know that middle school can sometimes be a pain
All that homework is going to drive you insane
The drama is definitely the worst thing of all
Especially when we return to school in the fall
Everyone might be trying to act like they are cool
When really all they are doing is looking more like a fool
We return back to school and it feels like summer flew right by
Because middle school is hard and I’ll tell you why

Some people get lost and can’t find their classes
When they can usually get help from someone who passes
And the teachers can sometimes scare you to death
You will feel like they are testing your very last breath
Peer pressure kicks in and they push you around
They say “to the nerds, that’s where he is bound”
So you’re all alone and can’t find a friend
Then you meet someone who’s a friend to the end
So now you have a friend to hang with all the time
Whereas you started out middle school a quiet little mime
Middle school is hard but can be pretty cool
Be nervous because there is always high school.

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