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November 1, 2007
Oh, woe is me
I am so stupid
Can't you see?
I can't even think of a title

I can't think of a subject
So therefore there is not title
It's so simple
Don't you know?

Ms. Hund is now staring at me
Frankly, I don't know why
I think I'm going to fail this class
I think I'm going to cry

You see, I don't know what to write
So this poem is the outcome
Sierra, a dog, cheese or trout
There are so many subjects,
How do you expect me to choose?

What's this?
Ms. Hund is staring at me once again
Maybe I should this away, and wirte about a fish
However, cheese is a good subject, too

Maybe next time I can think of something to write
Maybe, instead of writing poems like this,
Maybe I could fly a kite
Maybe I won't get a zero on this assignment, but then again, one can only hope

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