November 1, 2007
By Zulliana Caballero, Discovery Bay, CA

There is no one here,
Nobody to be with me,
Does anybody see me?

I’m so lonely,
I don’t know what do,
I sit alone,
In the back of the room.
Sitting in a corner,
Full of bored ness,
And what is the definition of that?
I’ll tell you what,

I’m standing in the hall,
Just wishing that someone cared,
But all they do is laugh and stare.
I need somebody,
You and everybody.
Lonely like the moon,
All surrounded by stars,
Like a stranger lost in its own path.

Alone, all alone,
Nobody’s home.
Because there is no one here,
I’m full of tears.

When you’re in this condition,
You just want to die,
But all I feel like doing is,
Laying down to cry.
We’re born alone,
We live alone,
And at the end we DIE alone.

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