Only time will tell…

November 1, 2007
By Tori Golden, Discovery Bay, CA

I remember well that foreign feeling,
My heart going whoosh at a fast pace,
My knees trembling as those cold words came.
My first heartbreak I will remember well,
I thought that I heard the wind,
Its howl full of sorrow as it blew at a steady pace,
I wondered if that was it,
The last time we sat on the time worn bench,
If that was it for him and me.
As we sat on the cold black bench,
I slipped glances at his sorrowful gray eyes.
I wasn’t about to disagree,
I didn’t want my heart to feel anymore pain.
His cold hand slipped into mine,
It was luck we came to be,
With all that magnificent time spent together.
Though we over, it was not the end,
We had a heavy feeling in our hearts,
Neither of us wanted to go, to leave.
I questioned if it was meant to be.
The wind blowing strong, gray clouds forming as we walked away,
A final good-bye in this chapter of our lives,
As we left the bench, and maybe each others life.
Before we left I wanted the truth,
If he really thought that this was meant to be the end,
Or a new beginning.
We came to the reasoning,
Only time will tell.
As I walked away I thought to myself,
We were meant to be,
Only the time we spend apart, will let us heal and mend,
We were meant to be,
But after all,
Only time will tell…

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