November 1, 2007
There once was a leprechaun named Nick Isola. He lived in almost a

wasteland in Ireland. He was very short, stout, and heavy and he had to

walk with a cane. If you look closely at him, you would notice his short,

very prickly, and almost hidden little beard. He had orange hair on him,

not a spot of any other color but orange, just like a carrot. On him, it

actually looked quite entertaining. He was a very self concerned

leprechaun. He cared only about himself. Although he wasn’t stubborn, he

was very self revolved. He was well known, but he sure did have an

bad reputation. Nobody would ever expect him to be a leprechaun who

help others. And nobody thought he would ever have an alteration.

Of all the things he owned he never thought he had enough. He

always wanted more. His only dream was to get a pot of gold at the end of

a rainbow. It was nothing different than all the other Leprechauns beliefs.

Just what he said he would do with all the gold wasn’t at all a good thing.

You see, most leprechauns in Ireland have plenty kindness for each other

and help each other with there needs. However, Nick was exactly the

opposite. If he ever got an entire pot of gold he wouldn’t give a penny to

anyone, not even his own mother. His plot was to wait until the first

rainbow came in the spring and get the entire pot. If it was the last thing

he did, he would make sure that getting that gold would be it.

As the year passed, the whether changed. In

Ireland the summers are almost so humid that it feels like

you could cut it with a knife. At this time, he felt like he

would never be able to get a pot of gold. There was no grayish color in

the sky at all. No clouds could be seen as far as the eye

can see. The light blue color in the sky was everywhere at once. If you

saw any grayish color it would have to be a

false appearance. At this point, the heat was never dying. The hot

temperature was unending. Being 124 degrees in the

day and 110 degrees at midnight, his hopes weren’t too

high. The heat was not able to be put into words. It just seemed like after

every day passed the summer was just becoming

distant and growing longer. Like the same day over and over

again. It was unable to believe that the scorching summer would ever end.

Only pretending with joking looks would make

you feel you are somewhat cheerful.

Later on in the year when the burial sheet of the summer grew thin,

and when Nick was just about ready to build his own

tomb, all the leprechauns felt as if they were rewarded with some clouds

in the sky that were moving in. Nick got on his

special running boots and got prepared to race

wherever it was the rainbow would be. He would not accept, the fact that

he would not be first to the rainbow.

As soon as the first raindrop splashed against the floor every

leprechaun in all of Ireland had their binoculars out and began to search

for any slight difference in the color in the sky. They were out looking for

about 3 hours before Nick noticed a little shade of red in the sky. Well-

filled, with excitement, Nick began to sprint to sprint as fast

as he could north to where the shade of red was. When he finally got to

the end of the rainbow and he was gasping for breath, he had noticed that

the rainbow was now full with all eight colors brightly showing. He also

noticed one other thing. He was at the wrong side of the rainbow! Without

even thinking of his condition he began to sprint as fast as he could again

to the other side. Keeping his confidence up, in his mind he would deny,

any negative thoughts. By the time he was within 100 yards of

the correct end of the rainbow, he was so exhausted that it felt as if his

throat was as small as a hollow twig. He did not care though. He would not

go back home the way he left with no more money than he already had.

He began to sprint as fast as he could using everything he had left inside

of him, his sweat dropping so fast it seemed as if he was making his own

rainbow beneath him from all the drops and the sunlight. His sight became

dizzy, just the thought of how he would feel tomorrow with

all the gold gave him the courage to run more until…his sight became all

black and he could feel a hard drop and his head banged against the floor,

he had fell and could not possibly get up. He had fainted right next to the

pot of gold. Of all his life he had wanted only one thing, and there he was

lying on the floor right next to his wildest dream, just lying with nobody to

be seen.

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