Not So Fairytale

August 28, 2010
She watches her world crash all around
And yet she refrains from making a sound
She feels all alone in her time of need
FML has become her new creed

But everybody thinks she's fine
She's thinking about crossing the line
A line in which she can never look back
She feels when she's gone she will no longer lack

There's a void inside her thats like a drill
A void inside her mommy hasn't filled
A void no amount of boys can fix
But the addiction of that still sticks

She finds an hour of relief in somethings
But it doesn't sound good when a drunk sings
She doesn't care about anything at all
But then one day she gets a call

It's from her friend from summers ago
The girl asks how she's been, and replies so so
She's in a corner in a crouch
And thats when it all comes out

The pain, the hurt, the sorrow
How many boys she's let her heart borrow
The friend is in shock at what to say
But she calls to support everyday

Take a lesson from the story right here
Good friends are like stars, not always seen but there
Don't always take the weight on yourself
It's always nice to have some help

This isn't just some fairytale
Some veiw their life as a living hell
So look around and please ask
Try to see behind everyones little masks

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