My teacher is different from all the rest

November 1, 2007

My teacher is different from all the rest
My teacher happens to be the best

She is always there for me
Without her I don't know what I would be

She always knows when I am sad
She tries to make me happy when I am mad

My teacher always wants the best for me
When I give up, she says you can do it Ally

Even though I give her an attitude
She always tries to get me back in a good mood

My teacher is the sweetest and she is so cool
I know this because she is like the prettiest teacher out the whole school

My teacher will always be number one
If she wanted to, she could teach me the circumference of the sun

My teacher wants me to reach for the stars
For her, I would find the area of mars

I know you may think your teacher is the best, but thats fine
But actually, there is no way because the best teacher is already mine

To the number 1 teacher in the whole wide universe, Mrs. White

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