is. about

November 1, 2007
America is about a Declaration;freedom
of speech press liberty choice religion/politics.
news is about lies counter-culture prejudice (October surprise!) memorials scandals patriotism, also: anna nicole.
blue valley is about alcohol and Academic Success.
about cutting funding and buying new!uniforms.
[of course thats just the bright side; who knows what's really going on.]
you used to know, didnt you?
no, no, you have forgotten in favor of football cheap labor immigration algebra. anit-conservative anti-liberal ant-history anti-love. anti-future.

questions are about being tentative and having incorrect Opiniona. classroom is about knowledge that isn't yours, inadequacy, bell curve, and multiple choice.

abortion is about: The Choice.
to take a life instead of taking responsibility. to punish the innocent, silence the unheard.

"but marriage is about love, at least"
(look that woman in the black-and-blue eye and tell her that. she is about submission, about fear, and about what-could-have-been.)
LOVE is about hugs Disney accountability, road trips betrayal your only phone call at twothirty in the morning and Sleepless In Seattle.
Nighttime is about black cats starlight, claw-handed trees and windowpanes.
time is about god Gold, blood empire clock.

but Clock is not about time. clock is about. deadlines and bells. about whisper and objective.
i am not about any of those things. i AM about laughter. am about skinned kness, paperwork, thunderstorm dreams. am about once-in-a-lifetime. am about missing you far too much...
the truth!
the LOVE
the life
[and all its happy beginnings]

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