In an instant she challenged herself

November 1, 2007
By Spyder Webb, Chadwick, IL

In an instant she challenged herself
To run with reckless emotion
An insanity that doomed her to collapse
But presented her the opportunity to soar
And with an unknown source of courage
She leapt from herself
Into a world of impossibilities
She transformed into her destiny
Expressed only to her from
The adolescent she once was
She found herself with a loss of breath
Immediately her eyes opened
And her heart escaped from her
Without the permission of the mind
A sensation poured into her soul
With knowledge she had never recognized before
She now had an awareness
Of whom she had been
As a childish girl
Ensnared in her own fate
And who she had become
She was now a woman
With a future of undetermined roads
In her anxious, perpetrated hands
She apprehended a map
Distorted and frayed
Unclear of which way to turn
She moved forward
Drowning in her own adrenaline
Ahead of her was a life
A story unwritten
With only one single author
One solitary pen
And a hundred pages
Fated for her to fill
With her own story
Printed in a pen
Inerasable to its own errors
She was terrified and determined
Fearful of the many challenges
She was condemned to face
Yet unwavering to win
And with a particular breath
She changed from a young girl
Petrified of the future
And disturbed by the past
To a full-grown women
Confident of what was to come
Knowledged from what already had
So she acquired her pen
Her paper
Her existence
And began to engrave
An unimaginable
Yet oddly destined story
To the first
Of countless vacant pages

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