The World's Biggest Lie

Life should be goofy, silly, and fun—
The only way to be when it’s only begun.
Pressure of school and things being taught—
It’s a lot to deal with: you’re still a small tot.
All of a sudden you’re top of the school
And being mean at your age is considered real cool.
Then you’re picked on and tripped, the target of jeers;
Hey, deal with it—you’re getting on in years.
Next comes the pressure of smoking and drinks;
You’re a high schooler, no prob: you know what to think.
Moving on to collage and the world of dates:
After years of experience, it’s your arrogance you create.
Full of gladness and glee, you move to a job,
Only to find people think you’re a prim, prissy snob.
Marriage, kids, divorce, drinking and drugs:
Everyone knows you’re the world’s greatest thug.
Emptied of happiness, health problems follow;
Life’s past mistakes: it’s your future they swallow.
You grow old and weak and finally die—
Only to find your life was the world’s biggest lie.

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