The World's Biggest Lie

November 1, 2007
Life should be goofy, silly, and fun—
The only way to be when it’s only begun.
Pressure of school and things being taught—
It’s a lot to deal with: you’re still a small tot.
All of a sudden you’re top of the school
And being mean at your age is considered real cool.
Then you’re picked on and tripped, the target of jeers;
Hey, deal with it—you’re getting on in years.
Next comes the pressure of smoking and drinks;
You’re a high schooler, no prob: you know what to think.
Moving on to collage and the world of dates:
After years of experience, it’s your arrogance you create.
Full of gladness and glee, you move to a job,
Only to find people think you’re a prim, prissy snob.
Marriage, kids, divorce, drinking and drugs:
Everyone knows you’re the world’s greatest thug.
Emptied of happiness, health problems follow;
Life’s past mistakes: it’s your future they swallow.
You grow old and weak and finally die—
Only to find your life was the world’s biggest lie.

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