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November 1, 2007
By Lindsey Durham, OVERLAND PARK, KS

“Don’t judge me

Or my scribbling
I wantneedcrave honesty!”

(but if you don’t like it figure out a diplomatic way to almost say it)

Open the essay (wow, this blows) and pretend to smile laugh enjoy the run-ons about something i don’t even care oh god there are six pages of this worthless crap.

Smile pretty.

“I like it. It’s nice.”
Dick and Jane have more depth than this.

I can see you study my reaction as I read.
Your face is so hopeful, my laughter is
so insincere. I try my hardest to think of
a polite way to tell you to quit while you’re
ahead. I can honestly say that I sugar-coated
the truth.

“Well done.” I say.
I especially loved the part where it was over.

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