My flower

November 1, 2007
I am from a small town mall
Where I’ve lived half my life.
I am from cool days,
Where the wind blows gently
As I read under an apple tree.
I’m from the many pictures
That sit quietly, whispering stories of my life.
I am from the rolling waves at the beach
Where I can sort out the many stressful things in my life.

I am from the cranberries and Mac n Cheese,
From the sing-a-longs and the road trips.
I’m from the pointless fights,
And the tough make-ups,
From the build-ups and the let-downs.
I’m from the loud roar of the crowd,
In the last 5 points of the game,
Where we play our hearts out for a victory.

I’m from hiding under the camouflage,
As I await the slow coming duck
To soar over me.
I am from days of swinging in the swing
While my nana sings softly,
As we count the hummingbirds that flutter by us.
I’m from those moments
Where you feel like nothing.
I am from the seed that my mother
Has pruned and watered
To form a beautiful flower.

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