I'm a Writer not a Fighter

August 27, 2010
By MandiJo SILVER, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
MandiJo SILVER, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
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I’m a writer
Not a fighter
I love to smile
Not to be vile
I love precious memories inside
Not the ones that leave in a tide
I’m myself nothing more
I’m one to open a door
Not only for me
But for others who don’t know who to be
The ones who cant get stand
And need a hand
They need a hero to save them
So they will no longer dim
I can prove I have grown
I know I cannot yet be on my own
For I am only a child
But not really wild
I know I still need a mother
And I still need my annoying brother
I know people will hurt me
And I’m not scared of what will be
I know that they will say its love
Yet I know it’s nothing like what’s above
I know the jerks I know now
Aren’t going to be the ones in which I make a vow
I know that I still have a lot to learn
And I yearn
For you to teach me
Whatever I learn is who I will be
I seem strong on the outside
But in my heart my feelings I hide
I hide that I am hurt
I sometimes feel like dirt
But everything I learned keeps me going
I know who I am and knowledge is knowing
Friends will leave
I’ll greave
But in the end
God will send
Someone with strength
Someone to go the length
It takes to win my heart
And when that time comes I we won’t part

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I started finding out more about myself, and realizing a lot of stuff. I'm still working on who i am though.

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