The season that meant it all

November 1, 2007
By Jordan Dvorak, Spring Hill, KS

Day by Day my father sat alone
in his house working to provide for the family,
with a stressful and dazed life that made him cling to
his faith when he felt like breaking down, and times
became soulless. Love just disappeared.

Countless hours having been spent by my father to get
my baseball glove to wear just right for the championship, but
not once did I thank him. From the bottom of his heart my dad
cares for me to be the best. After a long day at baseball I come home
to new lessons for the off season, questioning the cost of it to my father
who is reluctant to even give it a second thought.

Feelings in my head change from sorrow to love for him,
Who had spent hours watching me play ball, cheered
me on while I was struggling through tough games and long days.
Procrastinating about how to show my affection towards him I simply
Just put my arm around him like it was the first time and I could see it in
his eyes that the tough times were over and the good ones just began.

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