Teaching to Learn

November 1, 2007
By Aaron Elyachar, Overland Park, KS

Weeks, as well, a friend goes abound
and put his yarmulke on beyond the gazing books,
then with wiser wisdoms that extolled
from teaching on the Tuesday thinking tide
always growing stronger. It was all a Mitzvah.

I’d remember and relearn the splendid trope singing, belting out.
When the time was right, he’d respond,
and altruistically I would fix and reconstruct,
gliding high on the desire of becoming great,

As a man of strong morals. As a man of a keen concept to the world.
Teaching me life was a key to learning.

Speaking openly to a friend,
who has spent hours teaching kids to thrive
and polishing my skills to belt out trope.
How will I thank? How will I give back
to teaching others like he has taught me?

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