So Cliche

Many people say to not tempt fate,
That patience is a virtue.
But I believe the early bird gets the worm,
And a penny saved is a penny earned.

Wake up and smell the coffee,
I went the whole nine yards.
But to each his own,
Better late than never.

And in one second he pulled the wool over my eyes
Like I wasn’t even as sharp as a sack of wet mice,
Or sharp like a tack.
It was almost as if I was dead as a doornail.

I cannot believe I miss the boat.
He was the straw that broke my camel’s back,
And was as inconspicuous as a needle in a haystack.
I was no longer free as a bird.

I guess it is true that curiosity killed the cat,
Because home is truly where you hang your hat.
Now I am always on the edge of my seat,
So that next time he can’t say that I got cold feet.

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