I love you, I do.

August 27, 2010
Can you hear me? Can you feel me? Can you see me? I knew you couldn't.. Can you try? I knew you wouldn't.. Every time you just make all my pain gain when you kiss her. Every time you take a step closer to her just makes a larger step further from me. You smile,I smile back but then I noticed its not me your are smiling at, You laugh at me, I look away, Can't you see your killing me? I can't believe its you that is hurting me. I love you, I do- and I know my love for you is true but I can't believe that is what i feel for you. You make me cry when you and her pass by, I'm just a shadow lying between both of your lives but a shadow you obviously do not realize. I love you I do, You don't see that's the way I feel for you.

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