Take me back...

November 1, 2007
By Madhvi Venkatraman, Chennai, ZZ

Take me back to the years
Where life was overflowing
with chocolate, and
Where the sweet ounce
you gained from
Ice cream
was nothing more than
An ounce of joy.
Where people were only a collection of lines, of
lines with round, ever-smiling faces.
And boys were just
short-haired, boisterous
and muddy girls.

Take me back to the years
Where we cried overflowing
Toffees and spilled milk.
Where tears over broken hearts
and heart wrenching words
were but uncertain futures
that never seemed to get
any closer.
Where life started with
The sun, ended with
The moon, and light;
all that separated
Dream from Reality.

Take me back to the years
Where grown-ups seemed
to smile with you when
you made a mistake.
Where never ending battles
between ages were
A wonder that only the
TV could display.
Where candy could
turn the scowl on your
Face to a grin, as
bright as the shining

Take me back to the years
Where a hug or a kiss
was an act of friendship,
And not a calculated
Where clothes were the things you wore
to please your parents;
No one else.
Where today mattered
more than tomorrow, and
you woke up to
the next day without
Dread or sorrow.

Take me back to the years
Where before pen and crayon
met paper, you received
Encouraging smiles and
Where life was never
Black and White but a
mix of vibrant colors.
Where a heart was just a
Shape drawn for
no deeper meaning.

Take me back to the years
Where counting involved
a skip rope or the
leaves of a Clover.
Where holding hands
was done to cross
the road.
Where girls would roll
in the mud without
receiving a glance
of sorts.

Take me back to the years
Where love, life and chocolate milkshake
were but a dream.
And all you had to do in life
was Live.

Take me back to those years
And let me live again.

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