October 31, 2007
I'm sitting here upside down,
the green grass as my sky.
I often come and sit here,
just to think and ask myself 'why'.

Why is my heart still together,
I'm waiting for it to break.
So much pain lately,
how much can one take.

Why does he give me those looks,
as if his eyes could kill me.
I try so hard not to cry,
a smile he wants but will never see.

Why to they laught at me,
with every work I say.
Not at humor, but ignorance,
so I just walk away.

Why did he hit her,
her eye grew black and big.
His heart has turned to stone and died,
a grave for it we must dig.

Why does no one believe in me,
my crazy dreams I'm tring to chase.
Eventually, they will come true,
alone I will finish this race.

Why did he lie to me,
no 'I love you' was true.
All his sweet words came undone,
black clouds replaced the blue.

Why does he call me 'mommy',
instead of 'sister'.
I'm more of his mom than she is,
even a 4-year-old can see through her.

Why is she still here,
living in our old house.
I hate her, that two-faced bitch,
I'll no longer be he quiet mouse.

Why do I go numb,
at every look on my past.
The emotions are completly gone,
the life is leaving me fast.
...Life makes more sense upside down...

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