October 31, 2007
By taylor dugas, Breaux Bridge, LA

My heart has broken,
so let me see.
If i can imagine him,
the perfect guy for me.

With just one glimpse,
his smile could melt my heart.
His laughter I will remember,
everytime we are apart.

His words sound so sweet,
wispered softley in my ear.
When we are together,
I would forget everything I fear.

When I am with him,
there is no where I'd rather be.
The only time I would be sad,
is when he wasn't with me.

I would feel so safe,
rapped up in his arm.
I know he would protect me,
from anything that does me harm.

A writers mind he would have,
and artistic like me.
He would have a way of making me feel,
that I'm the greatest I can be.

He would hold me tightley against him,
anytime I am scared.
He would remind me then,
how much he loved me and cared.

Everytime the worst gets to me,
and I let a tear slip by.
He would kiss me softley and say,
he dosn't mind if I cry.

If I ever yell at him,
he would take me by the hand.
He would bring me close to him,
and say that he does understand.

The understanding that we would have for eachother,
would be so very strong.
We would never question eachother's thinking,
even if we know we are wrong.

The guy for me is out there,
the brightest shining star.
Someday, we will find eachother,
though now we may be far.
..Perfection is Impossible..

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