Million Dollar Question

October 31, 2007
In the essence of the distant echoes that whisper of their own destruction, people may ask themselves, “Who am I?”
For in the dawn of time when you are born, you slowly grow and slowly die
But one must accept the fact they are already dead, to truly understand their divine purpose
Is it for the general good or for the destined evil that lies within us all?
Just waiting for its chance to awaken
Time will never tell, we must seek it
We wish to meet our destiny or purpose, not wait for it
The purpose lies within the action
With everything we do and accomplish creates and forms our true self
Evil has its way for corrupting the soul
But how can a soul be corrupt when the mind and body thinks it is dead?
Beneath the rock and sand lies the untimely grave
A true form and final conclusion to whom you were destined to become
Before this time becomes nothing but a memory, the simple question stills lingers in the empty mind.
“Who am I?”
And we rightly go out to see it

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