You Have Never Known

October 31, 2007
By Kyrstie Lauing, St. Michaels, AZ

I wish I knew how to explain to you
How much I need you in my life
You make my sky seem blue
Cheesy I know, but it’s true
You keep me alive everyday
Without you I would have been gone
I mean it.

People don’t take me seriously
Including you.
They never actually believe
What I tell them is true
You’re the same way
You shut me out
When I talk about myself
I have to practically shout
To get you to listen

You try to help
But now I’m feeling that’s hopeless
No one can help now
I’m really that much of a mess

I wish I knew how to tell you
That I love you so much
I guess I always knew
That I’ll heal with your touch
You keep me alive and breathing
Maybe that’s why I’m so crazy
I’m just now barely seeing
That my life without you near me,
Will never be the same
Because maybe my life here won’t last forever
Because you’ll be so far away
My mind will leave
And follow your travels
My heart will stay
Locked and shackled
You’ll never know
How much I’ll miss you
You’ll never believe
How much I need you
You’ll never see
The pain loving puts me through
You never hear
The pain I scream without you

You make my sky look blue
You make my lungs breathe air
You’ll take my heart with you
As the space we’ve come to share
Reminds me of your heart
So I’ll never be able to compare
The love I have for you
With anything in this world
It’s too great and powerful
For me to even begin

I need you too much
For my life to start again.

You mean more to me than you’ll ever know
You’ll never dream how much.
The tears I’ve shed were not from hate
But fear of losing your touch
You make my heart beat
You make my lungs breathe
You make my eyes open
With the hope that you won’t see me so broken.

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