A face beams down and of course I look back

October 31, 2007
By Chuck Collier, Clintonville, WI

A face beams down and of course I look back
This one is different
Not "different" as, with a mustache or with no hair
No, it's a different kind of different
It's as if I've seen this face before
I just can't put a name to it
But it seems so much a stranger
He keeps staring at me (I can't tell whether it's male or female)
It keeps looking at me
It stares as if it knows me and everything about me
It's different

Over an hour has passed and this face continues to stare at me
It's not a bad stare at all
It's almost calming me
Almost begging me to lay down and relax
It feels warm, almost as if it can control the sun, and it is making it warmer here...it's nice

The familiar faces pass me by but none are as spectacular as this
They offer friendship, but this one somehow,offers more
I can tell
It hasn't said anything, but my gut tells me it offers more
I can't make out any distinct features, except that it is, of course, a face
It continues to beam brightly at me
So welcoming
So calm
So perfect

The face opens up the clouds for me, creating a path way
My friends stand a few feet behind me
They're at the edge of a downward stairwell inviting me down
But this face, this stranger
It seems far better
But how can I leave my friends behind?
I invite them, begging them, almost telling them to come with me
They refuse
So, alone I walk with this peaceful stranger into the clouds

I feel it's hand in mine, and my heart steadies
My soul releases and I am free
I am flying, I'm actually flying with this stranger!
Above the earth I fly, all that is around are clouds and beautiful, warm sunshine.
This is a good place, I tell myself.
This is a good place.

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