The Car Crash

October 31, 2007
When I woke up I began to cry,
I started to yell “ Mom, Mom where are you?”
All I saw was medical supplies.
Where was I? I turned side to side.
As I started to wake up, I felt numb all over my body.
What is happening to me?
Right before they pulled me out of the ambulance

The doctor put another needle in my arm and then in my leg.
What is wrong with me?
When I awoke and looked up, I started to see black blotches.
I asked the doctor “What happened?”
No answer.
Next to me all I saw was another stretcher.
Who was next to me?
Was it my mom?
Then I yelled, “I love you!”
I had no idea.
Then I looked up again and it was my mom.
She could barely talk.
I cried, “ What happened?”
She wept, “We… we...”
Then I could not hear anything.
What happened?
Was I dying?
I was.
It was me lying on the bed dead.

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