Changes For The Best

October 31, 2007
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I am free
Free from myself
I'm out of my cage
Out of my shell
I'm on top of the world
It's no longer against me
I'm finally a normal girl
And that's how it's supposed to be
I'm taking things step by step
Day by day
I'm not going to get discouraged
The little things are not going to get in my way
I don't regret the things that I did
Because I wouldn't be who I am now
I knew that I'd find my way
Someday, somehow
My world is no longer gray
Weight is lifted off my shoulders
I've never felt better
And that's how it's going to stay
There is no darkness
There is always light
Sun in the daytime
And the sliver of the moon at night
Nothing will hurt me
So don't even try
I'm at the top of my game
I hope I don't die
That was just a statement
Not a suicidal twist
My two feet are planted in the ground
Never will I fall into an abyss
I can't deny all these feelings inside
I wanted to be happy for so long
I finally have it
But it should have been that way all along
I must admit, I couldn't help feeling that way
The lost little girl
Tears streaming down my face
The outcast looking up to the world
Now I'm stronger than that
And I closed the door on my past
I can't forget, but I can forgive
I know this can last
Life is too short
To spend it alone and cry
To feel worthless
And wait to die
My life is turned around
It never felt so great
I wonder what will happen next
I just can't wait
Tears no longer stream down my face
I laugh and smile
And look on the positive side
I didn't say those words in a while
I can go on forever
Living life this way
Step by step
Day by day
No dark cloud above me
No more black sky
Suicide is out of the question
And I never ask, "Why me, Why?"
There is no such thing as writing too deep
I'm getting all my feelings out
I'm letting all of you know
What the new me is about
The new me
That's something I never thought I'd say
But it feels so good
In more than one way
Breathing no longer feels like a waste
I'm enjoying life
Free from pain
Free from strife
I'm not hiding myself anymore
I'm letting the real me show
It's hard to explain this on paper
But I want you all to know
I'm so proud of myself for getting better
I never thought I could
But somewhere deep down
I knew that I would
I am free
Free from myself
I'm out of my cage
Out of my shell

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