Letter To Daddy

August 30, 2010
By JessEEEca BRONZE, LaPorte, Indiana
JessEEEca BRONZE, LaPorte, Indiana
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A small girl stands in an empty yard
In her hand is a balloon on a string
Attached to the string is a card
Her eyes begin to sting

She watches it fly
After she lets it go
The balloon drifts into the sky
With her letter to daddy in tow

In that letter she wrote a poem
It was just for her daddy
She really wanted to show him
And she wondered, “Does he miss me?”

Within that letter lay words unspoken
Words that the girl wrote herself
Words that would keep their bond unbroken
Words that were more any man’s wealth

Words within the letter said this:
Dear Daddy,
I miss your bedtime kiss
I miss the way you hugged me

I miss your laugher
I miss your smile
Your laugh could reach the highest rafter
Your smile could go a mile

But one day you were taken from me
You died away from your family
In a hot, sandy sea
Killed by men who did it too easily

I cried for weeks, days, and years
I cried for you
I cried so I could never hear
Your voice telling me not to be blue

Mommy said it would be all right
But how could it
When I cry every night
Even though this is hard to admit

I know you’re happy, safe, and warm
I know you’re an angel in heaven now
Where your clothes aren’t bloody and torn
And where you never say ow

Yes I still miss you
I know you’re watching over me
I just wish I could be watching you too
I will be all you wanted me to be

I will live my life happily
I won’t forget your love
Just as you will never forget me
I will always be your little dove

Now I need to go
I have the life you gave me to live
And it’s sure to be a heck of a show
The memories of us I will always relive

I will give to those who risked their lives
For their country
And even their wives
And all so we could be free

So this is goodbye
Until we meet again
And don’t be shy
We will meet again in heaven.

As this letter floated through the air
She began to feel better
Even though her heart had a tear
Of course she would never forget that letter.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write ths article because of all those children who have lost parents in war.

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