I am From...

October 31, 2007
By Guadalupe Rodriguez, Chicago, IL

I am from Arroz
From oil corn Mazola and Chile
I am from the Big Kitchen of brown and white walls
Always cough because of Chile
I am from the Claveless
The big green plant
Whose long limbs I remember
As if they were my own.
I’m from Quince Anos and Birthdays
From Mama and Papa
I’m from Aunt Cousin
And from spent all the money you got
I’m from Munecas comes alive at night La yorona
And Sana, Sana Colita de Rona Sino Sanas hoy Sanara manana
I’m from every Christmas do Tamales and Ponche
I’m from Chicago and Mexico
Arroz con Gandules and Tacos
From my aunt Rosario who comes to
Chicago to give my cousins a better future
Who collected Elephants arranged like pyramids
On the special table
Located in the living room.

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