Look at you

October 31, 2007
By Bryan Newman, Philadelphia, PA

Look at you
You’re gorgeous
No make up, you don’t need it
It would just be a cover up
Of whom you truly are
When you smile
It makes my heart melt
I would be so blessed
If I could see that smile everyday
To see those dimples
To see that smirk followed by a giggle
Its so cute
You are so cute
You were created to bring joy into the world
I am amazed to know you
And wouldn’t know what to do with you
Your smile makes me smile
I can’t stop thinking about it
Whenever I’m down, I think of you
And thinking of you makes me happy
And makes me happy just to know you
You are what every person should aspire to be
Smart, kind, intuitive, creative
And the fact that you are beautiful
Is just the cherry on top
I hope you live your life
With great glory and success
Because I know
That you can be amazing in anything you do
Because I know you
And what I know is that your heart filled of gold
Will let you be the best you can be
Thank you for bringing smiles to my face
For bringing happiness to my life
And thank god for bringing you to me

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