Ode to Alice in Wonderland

October 31, 2007
It was the writer’s first hit,
That sent him on that “acid” trip.

Chasing the white rabbit,
Through the clocks of time.

Taking that drink,
To make yourself shrink.

Through the sea of tears you set sail,
To meet an odd pair,
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

You hear the ever so mean,
Caterpillar sing.

You think he’s singing to you,
His mesmerizing song of “A, E, I, O, U’s.”
Giving you the gift of the growing mushroom.

“How about a cup of tea?
One for you and one for me,”
The mad hatter will plea.

Read all the signs,
Don’t step on the momeds.

Follow them down the path you go,
You may spot a grinning chesire cat to and fro.

“Were all mad here,”
Quoth the jolly, fat Cheshire cat,
whom will take away your fear.

He’ll show you a short cut,
Right to the queen’s hut.

After a game of croquet,
The trial must go her way.


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