My Black World

August 13, 2010
By A-Soul-Exposed PLATINUM, Parksville, Other
A-Soul-Exposed PLATINUM, Parksville, Other
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Such a useless life
Can’t end it with a knife
I just hurt so bad
Life’s useless and sad
Come on what’s with this
Life’s got no more bliss
This whole world is black
Livings like a kick to the sack
Everyone just wants to bust you case
If they could they’d use a freekin’ mace
But then once you got the money
They all just wanna’ be your hunny
Make up your mind ass****
You dig yourself deeper like a damb mole
Were the hell's this life go
What else has this world got to show
What else do I gotta’ do
Do I have ta’ eat my F***in' shoe
Why should I keep going on
When all I am is a damb pawn
There’s a lot of people goin’ through life sad
And even more going through life mad
You wanna know the end of their life
All they get in life is allot more strife
So what are you gunna be
You gunna be an outcast and join me me.
What you wanna do about the fake joys
Let’s get in their face and make some noise
Let’s show them who they really are
Show them compared to sh** there on a par
Make them get down and dirty
Instead of fake and flirty
Instead of goin’ to a wall to spray it
Get up here with me and say it
No need to hide it in a corner
Wearing black like a mourner
Stand proud
And say it loud
That this whole world is fake
Just like their mommies shake-n-bake.

The author's comments:
I wrote This Poem Whilst in a deep hole of depression.

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